Howdy friends. A lot of people throughout the years have asked me to show them how I do my hair and now, after years of keeping the secret tied up, I think I'm finally ready to let my hair down.

Most people seem to think that I spend hours on my hair, but the truth is, I can fix my hair quicker than a championship bull can buck its rider. Who knows, I might even be able to do my hair while bull riding. Never tried it... The point being, it takes about 8 seconds.

While it ain't technically a pompadour (I believe the technical term for my hairstyle is The Gibsonian), I'm still able to get some mighty height without the use of any hair products (with the exception of water) and in minimal time. Why no product? Because throughout this thing called life I have found that few woman really appreciate dirty pillow cases. For years I worked a serious Murray's Pomade-Royal Crown mix into my hair and my pillow cases suffered greatly. Further, I really didn't like spending 15-18 minutes on my hair every morning. Sleep is a precious commodity!

I therefore began cutting my own hair and looking for ways to get the pompadour look in a quick, economical, and cleanly way without the use of Bumpits. After years of perfecting the technique, I can now present to you the following instructional .gif (with thanks to the kind folks at Tall and Small Photography)."